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1.Download    "Avast! Free Antivirus 8" (size : 135 mb) from the given Button (if you have already downloaded avast! free Antivirus just skip to step 2):-

                             ((please wait 5 seconds and press skip))

2.Download    "Ask4pc-avast-Key" (size : 58 kb) from the given Button :-
                              ((please wait 5 seconds and press skip))

3. Now you have 2 files named "ask4pc-Avast-key.rarand "avast_free_antivirus_setup.exe"
   Unzip "ask4pc-Avast-key.rar"   (We recommend Using WinRar- Download from )
 PASSWORD IS :  avast_ask4pc

4. After Unzipping You will get these files :-
 1 txt  file  "ask4pc-Avast-key.txt" 

How To Install

1.    Install  "avast_free_antivirus_setup.exe"  as a trial version.

2. If you Check now it will say  : Your Subscription Will Expire in 30 days
  Don't worry just Skip to  next steps.. 

Now Registering It with our Serial..  

1. Now get back to our unzipped "ask4pc-Avast-key.txt"

2. Just Copy any Key from provided big list of Serial keys ..
and paste it in avast!
Open Avast interface by clicking its icon. From the taskbar..
  • Then go to maintenance tab, in that you will find another sub tab, in that click on Registration tab.
  • When registration window will be opened, at the very right bottom side you will find Enter Avast! License Key.
  • Enter Key from  "ask4pc-Avast-key.txt"
  • Then click on Register button, and process is complete.

 Now you will see your registration successfully verified, and enjoy the avast antivirus till 2038.
3. Now it is fully registered .. Here is 1 snapshot .. feel free to contact us if you have any problem ..

Enjoy Your Full Version Avast Free Antivirus 8.0 until 2038!!!

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